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Ben ‘Lanky’ Manton

Senior Elder respected by all and the embodiment of reconciliation.

1841 - 1929

Uncle Ben ‘Lanky’ Manton was a gentleman and advocate for Aboriginal rights. He had immense pride for culture and promoted reconciliation.

Lanky was born in 1841 at Nerre-Nerre Warren Aboriginal Station to his Taungerong parents, Murrum Lanky and Mary Lanky. In 1851 Lanky and several other Kulin boys were taken by Elder Simon Wonga and their father for initiation ceremonies held at Ngeyelong, now known as Hanging Rock. Over his lifetime Lanky kept his culture and traditions alive and continued to take Kulin boys for their initiation.


For many, Lanky Manton was the embodiment of reconciliation. From his early childhood he knew that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people could live in harmony of one another. He wanted all Australians to be proud of their Aboriginal heritage.

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