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Legislative Assembly

The Legislative Assembly is the lower house of the Victorian Parliament. It was completed in 1856 and only took eleven months to build. The room is based on the British House of Commons and takes many traditions from there, such as the green colour.

The Legislative Assembly has 88 members. The political party with the most members in the Legislative Assembly forms the Government of Victoria.


Government members sit to the right of the room and the Opposition sits on the left. The Speaker sits in the large chair at the front of the room and makes sure the rules of debate are followed.


The gold decoration on the walls and the ceiling is real gold from the gold rush.


Visitors can watch debates in the Legislative Assembly from the public galleries.


The Serjeant-at-Arms can be seen in the picture carrying a gold mace. The mace is placed on the table at the beginning of every day of Parliament. No work of Parliament can be carried out unless the mace is in position.

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